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Daniel Wellington Watches

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There does not exist any other brand in recent time that is hotter than Daniel Wellington. The Swedish brand has taken people ablaze and hit a vein of outer dimensions. The beautiful Daniel Wellington watches are a classic example that a ton of details and functions not always are the only factor when it comes to designer watches. Gant has earlier attempted with similar looking wristwatches, but nonetheless is there anyone that could achieve to deliver the same as Daniel Wellington. DW watches are simple and stylish and are taking watches back to how they used to be back in time.
Uniwatches is official and authorized dealer of Daniel Wellington and has only 100% original designer watches and FREE delivery online.
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Daniel Wellington watches

When you buy a wristwatch most people expect to get most possible watch for the money, but for Daniel Wellington, this is not necessarily the case. Initially the emphasize has, as in most cases, focused on designing some entirely simple and clean designer watches, where the watches have been developed in such a way that it more or less only showed the time, and thus not the date-, stopwatch-, or other functions. Apart from the single functions in the actual watch, they are likewise delivered in a simple NATO-strap that includes everything that there is to a strap and chain; it can’t be done any cheaper than with a NATO-strap.

Precisely this style has without doubt favored the popular Swedish brand, that thus has created a style that appeals to particularly the younger target group between 20 and 35 years. The simple style of the watches have also led to that prices for more or less all watches are in the lower end. Despite the fact that Daniel Wellington watches are above the magical price class of 200SGD, the average is still far from the approximate of 350SGD, which places DW in the lower end price class compared to what is commonly seen in the watch industry.

Every brand has all their own characteristics that differentiates the watches from others, and for Daniel Wellington especially the unique logo should be highlighted. As it can be seen on the clock face, the D has been reversed, which we at Uniwatches focus on to give the watch more of an edge and likewise also in other ways create the little extra eye-catcher when wearing it. Additionally are the beautiful NATO-straps, that the watch is produced with, always easy to change, hence is why you have the possibility to choose a broad range of straps, so you always can switch according to your clothing style on that particular day.