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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all watches official?

Yes of course! For Uniwatches it's an honour only selling official items. Everything a part from it will simply not be in the spirit of Uniwatches. We guarantee that all watches are 100% official.

Is Uniwatches an authorized dealer?
Yes and No. We are an authorized dealer for some of the brands and for others we receive the watches from importers or agents who all will be authorized dealers. At the end of the day you will still get your watch repaired from an official workshop and the same full warranty as per normal.

Do the watches have a warranty and for how long?
Yes all watches will be delivered with an 2 year official warranty, which in some cases are valid all around the world at an authorized dealer. If you have a problem getting your watch done in your home country you will always have the right to have it repaired in Denmark by educated watch makers who has been in the industry for decades. Do always feel free to contact us anything happens to your watch.

Where is Uniwatches located?
Uniwatches is as a company located in Denmark, Copenhagen.

Can you keep the delivery time?
In most occasions our suppliers will keep the watches in stock, which means that we usually will ship within 24 hours however there can be cases with sold out watches. We will always do our very best to fulfill the delivery time and in most cases it will work, but in this world we will never really know what will happen like heavy snowfall and other things that can delay and order, so we appreciate your corporation and understanding if things will be slightly delayed. In case of any updates on an order, always feel free to send an e-mail at uniwatches@uniwatches.co.uk

How will the products be delivered?
Uniwatches uses many different courier companies like "Sing Post", Post Danmark, Fedex or DHL, which all are of the most reliable and honest freight companies. They will make sure that your order will reach its destination on time. You will always receive a "Track and Trace" number, which gives you the chance to follow the order online at most freight companies. In Singapore, Sing Post, in Denmark, Post Danmark, in England, Royal Mail, in Norway Posten Norge, in Germany, Deutsche Post and so on.

What kind payment options do I have?
You can pay by DANKORT, VISA, VISA ELECTRON, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, JCB or AMERICAN EXPRESS. In case you do not hold any of these cards, you are also welcome to make a bank transfer. In such cases please do contact us at uniwatches@uniwatches.co.uk for further information.

When will you deduct my money?
We will deduct the money from your account when we ship the order. At the same time you will receive an e-mail, so you know exactly when it has happened.

Where do I find the card number for my credit card?
The card number contains 16 digits and is located on the front of your credit card.

Where do I find the expiring date for my credit card?
The expiring date is always located on the front of the card. It contains month and year, which could 09/02-2010. In such cases you only have to write 02/10 in the box.

Where do I find the security code of my credit card?
The security code contains 3 digits and will be located on the back of your credit card by your signature. The security code is the last 3 digits.